EVIAS France Unveils Exciting Demo in Troyes

Tuesday 2023.08.01

EVIAS France Unveils Exciting Demo in Troyes

A real-world demo of an eco-friendly Electric Road System between the campus of University of Technology of Troyes, France and the nearby city bus station.
EVIAS France Unveils Exciting Demo in Troyes

EVIAS France, a leading innovator who owns multi-patented technology on its Electric Road System (ERS), is thrilled to announce an exciting new demonstration at the University of Technology of Troyes (UTT). With the primary objective of showcasing worldwide research and development of the eRoad technology as a global innovation, this real-world demonstration will establish an eco-friendly Electric Road System between the university campus and the nearby city bus station, aiming to optimize transport efficiency and sustainability. Aiming to optimize transport efficiency and sustainability, this real-world demonstration will perfect the transportation experience for UTT students by creating an eco-friendly Electric Road System between the university campus and the nearby city bus station.

This innovative initiative, named "eRoad UTT," marks the first comprehensive showcase of EVIAS core ERS technology. This technology facilitates automatic charging of electric vehicles under both static and dynamic conditions. A charging station will be strategically placed at the main campus bus station, utilizing idle time during passenger boarding, and disembarking to power up the specially designed electric bus. Moreover, an electrified road, spanning approximately 200 meters, will be installed within the campus, charging the bus while it is moving.

The innovation not only enhances the user-friendliness of electric vehicles by eliminating concerns about charging but also enables electrification without the need for bulky batteries, thereby reducing costs and environmental impact. With its improved charging efficiency and smaller battery requirements, this technology can also be applied to heavy trucks and buses.

Th project is scheduled to launch in June 2024 for Phase One. During this phase, the EVIAS bus will operate as a transit service exclusively for UTT students, connecting them between the city bus and the campus. Phase Two, set to be implemented later in the year, will enable the bus to extend its route into the city centre, providing a comprehensive and sustainable transportation solution for the entire community.

"EVIAS envisions a future where roads become a source of power, enabling seamless charging on the go," said Olivier Besson, President of EVIAS. "eRoad UTT is a testament to our commitment to developing innovative Electric Road Systems worldwide."

EVIAS' Electric Road System offers numerous benefits, including its adaptability to existing infrastructure, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to provide power to various types of vehicles including heavy trucks and passenger vehicles. The system has been rigorously tested and proven to be safe, reliable, and suitable for various weather conditions.

For detailed information about the project, stay tuned for upcoming blog posts on our website in the following months.

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